3D printing with local river clay – Part 2

Continuation of the research into 3D printed local river clay in combination with natural local additives. 

The clay was dug next to the location of Fabrikaat after which the stones and roots were removed so that the print nozzle would not clog. Because of the specifications of this clay, it was required to adjust the design, to allow for errors and irregularities in the clay.

Local rough clay.

Print test with white clay, to test the geometry.

Printing the tiles on the opening day of the new Fabrikaat location.

Final tiles, glazed with local materials.

Application of the tiles in the window sill.

more info on the website of Fabrikaat

Out-desk…working in nature

Buitenbureau (out-desk) was designed for the exhibition ‘Protopark II: NUT’ in the Siegerpark Amsterdam. Read more »

Local food production: “jus de rotonde”

Useful art at the roundabouts in Overbetuwe.
We propose to transform all roundabouts in town into little apple orchards.Apples from these trees will be used to make local “jus de rotonde” a new drink from local pressing. Read more »

Consumption Required !

‘Consumption Obligatory!’ is an art project which exposes the boundaries imposed by the rules that control behavior in public space, stretching them till the limits of the reasonable. Read more »

Floating exhibition pavilions

Honorable mention in the competition ‘Casa Casla’ Almere
2×4=24 is a design project for two floating exhibition pavilions in Almere. One of the pavilions is meant to be used as an architecture exhibition space, the other as an archaeological exhibition space. Read more »