Honorable Mention in the competition “Duurzaam Drijvend Wonen” for our concept for autarkic units to make hose boats more self-sufficient and sustainable.

For the competition for sustainable floating living “Duurzaam Drijvend Bouwen” organized by the Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost-Watergraafsmeer we proposed A concept for an autarkic unit that aims to increase the self-sustainability of houseboats. Instead of designing yet another houseboat, we opted to develop a floating service unit that helps houseboats become self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. This unit contains water purification and water storage, power transformers and energy storage, and finally, waste storage.
These flexible units are plugged into both new and existing buildings. The name E-Vlot stands for ‘eco-raft’ (in Dutch: vlot).

Project team:
Erno Langenberg + Ute Brinkmeier (UMAA) + Rob ten Napel + Tim Loeters