7 houses on 7 adjacent plots designed by 7 architects. Elstudio has designed one of the seven detached houses in the Homeruskwartier in Almere.

The project “Unique” includes seven homes on seven adjacent “architect” lots. The houses are designed by and on behalf of Blok Kats van Veen. Particularly to the “architect” lot is the fact that these plots only may be taken in option by architects. Through a special arrangement, the lots can be sold to private clients. The project “Unique” is developed by BKVV in collaboration with SOM.

Constructor: Lichtenberg Bouwbedrijf
Start building in December 2009, completion in July 2010.

Completed building within context. Photo: Chidi Onwuka

location Almere start building

Plot 255
The single-family house designed by ELstudio is a simple volume with a big roof terrace facing south. The floors are connected spatially by two sequential straight staircases.

Overview 7 villas

Front /south facade

Floor plans