Studio for Unsolicited Architecture

For the Studio for Unsolicited Architecture team New UTility researched to which extent a New Energy Landscape (harvesting renewable energy in an urban setting) could be a solution to revive Business Parks with a large amount of vacancy. For a test case they took the famous Amsterdam Amstel III area.

The New Utilities Team (NUT) consists of Jan Heijn (De Gezonde Stad), Erno Langenberg (ELstudio) and René Kuiken (René Kuiken urbanism). The team worked on two major issues. Firstly the problem of the large amount of vacant office buildings, on the other hand the ever increasing demand for energy. The team investigated whether a new energy landscape existing of renewable energy could be placed in office areas with a large amount of vacancy.

SUA_002As a test case they took the famous Amsterdam Amstel III area. By not only looking at the reallocation of the vacant offices buildings, but also specifically at the large amount of public space at these business parks, they unlock a palette of new possibilities for usage. Furthermore, the cheaper public space offers opportunities for usages that can not (yet) afford the prices of the office spaces. The team calculated in collaboration with experts from Fakton, that with this strategy the inevitable ‘write off’ value of such buildings and sites can be significantly reduced. The NUT team presented its bid book to Alderman Van Poelgeest of the municipality of Amsterdam. During the presentation on September 11, 2012, they showed this in a short film, in which also Ronald Huikeshoven, regional director of AM Noord Holland, spoke about the project. Huikeshoven signed a letter of intent with the team to examine how, with this strategy at hand,  a  serious start can be made to transform vacant office locations.
Read the article on the NAI website (Dutch) Download the bid book (Dutch, pdf 12MB)
Watch the video recordings of the presentation in the NAI on September 11, 2012 (Dutch)
Read the review of the evening on Archined (Dutch)



Preparation for the presentation 2012-09-11 @ NAi.

The New Utility bid is offered to Alderman Maarten van Poelgeest (Municipality of Amsterdam) during a closed session at the town hall in Amsterdam. The event is documented on film for the presentation “Showcase for Unsolicited Architecture” at the NAI in Rotterdam on 11 September 2012.

The bid book is part of the study New Utility in the context of the Studio for Unsolicited Architecture.
Facing the changing role and position of the architectural profession, and against the backdrop of economic crisis, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) and the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) joined forces to give more room for self-initiated, design research. The Studio for Unsolicited Architecture provides a platform for experimentation and innovation in the field of complex spatial problems. It is also a great opportunity for designers, artists and critics for publish their views on a actual topic with no predetermined frameworks and constraints. The (preferred) interdisciplinary composition of the teams reflects the domains of the Fonds BKVB and aims to encourage hybrid and cross-disciplinary exchanges and reflections on the built environment.

At the meeting in the Stopera were present:
Maarten van Poelgeest (Wethouder gemeente Amsterdam), Paul Oudeman (Kantorenloods gemeente Amsterdam), Hetty Vlug (Projectbureau Zuidoost Lob),
Jan Huijbregts (Zuidpark bv / Connecting Concepts), Ronald Huikeshoven (AM Amsterdam), GertJoost Peek (Fakton), Bob Mantel (dRO gemeente Amsterdam), Jonne Arnoldusen (Assistent Wethouder van Poelgeest), Stefan Wijers (TweeTact – moderator).
Interviews and film: Tess Kanters (Kijkproducties)

team NUT:
René Kuiken (René Kuiken Urbanism)
Jan Heijns (de Gezonde Stad)
Erno Langenberg (ELstudio)

The presentation will take place on Tuesday, September 11 from 20:00 to 22:00 in the auditorium of the NAi (Museumpark 25, Rotterdam). Afterwards there will be drinks in the lobbyof the NAi.


Hospice building in Chipata – update

(images: Chipata Foundation)
Beginning of this year the building of the hospice in Chipata, Zambia started. Read more »

Exploring 3D printing clay

Parametric experimenting with 3d printing clay.  Read more »

At the official opening of Sundaymorning@EKWC


3D printed column at the grand opening of the Sundaymorning@EKWC / European Ceramic Workcentre in Oisterwijk. Read more »

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop in Buffalo New York


A workshop program dedicated to the experimentation of large-scale applications for ceramic components Read more »

Cove Park Residency

3D printing clay at Cove Park Residency in Scotland. Read more »

Print&Burn 3D printing with clay & more


Print& Burn; a continuation of my recent research into 3D printing with clay at the European Ceramic Work Centre. Read more »


In order to stimulate the discussion about large-scale 3D printing, I started, which is a combination of a blog, Linkedin-discussion group and a Facebook page: Read more »

Rethink the way we design

Interview with Salomé Galjaard for

“That looks really scary, that thing! I can’t make anything of it, what it is.” said the waitress when she saw the 3D printed metal node on the table in front of us. Read more »

Dreaming of 3D printing ‘zero-mile’ homes, using local natural materials.

Interview with WASP for

WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was founded in 2012 by Massimo Moretti. The project focusses on the development of 3D printing by researching materials and 3D print systems, based on the desire to leave behind a better world and on the trust that technology will make this happen. Read more »

Mapping 20 years of 3D printing in Architecture


Last years we have seen a boom of projects, researches and other initiatives in the field of 3d printing related to architecture. In order to have an overview of what is going on and where I decided to collect all projects I came across in a database and plot them on a time line relating them to a location on the world map. Read more »

3D printed shelter


Proposal for a shelder build with 3D printed ceramic blocks. Read more »

Digital tools for Cape Town


Working with DASUDA on the Wingfield location as a case study for a demonstration of an integrated approach with new digital tools on water and traffic. Read more »

3D printing clay @EKWC

Working at Sundaymorning@ekwc; exploring the possibilities of 3D printing ceramics for architectural use. Read more »


Working at Sundaymorning@ekwc; exploring the possibilities of digital manufacturing ceramics in architecture. Read more »

New animation for the Hospice

Chuck Bekker made a nice 3d animation for the Hospice Project in Zambia. Read more »

National Archives South Sudan

Shortlisted design for the National Archives in South Sudan chosen for the last round by the Council of Ministers. Read more »

Commemorative Coin Treaty of Utrecht

To commemorate the  300 year Treaty of Utrecht, the Royal Dutch Mint issued a special 5€ coin. Elstudio made the design. Read more »

First Strike of the Commemorative Coin.

First strike of the Commemorative Coin Treaty of Utrecht, the last coin with Queen Beatrix depicted, on the 11th of April 2013 in Utrecht was widely covered in the media. Read more »

Studio for Unsolicited Architecture

For the Studio for Unsolicited Architecture team New UTility researched to which extent a New Energy Landscape (harvesting renewable energy in an urban setting) could be a solution to revive Business Parks with a large amount of vacancy. For a test case they took the famous Amsterdam Amstel III area. Read more »

Sustainable African Metropolis (SAM)

‘The Sustainable African Metropolis’ (SAM) is a research project about sustainable development of the future African Metropolis. Read more »

Debate evening: “De Waardering”


ELstudio co-organized the first evening in a series of debates about future perspectives for creatives. Read more »

Mobex revisited

Visit to the MOBEX in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht to see the exhibition ‘A Falling Horizon’ from Heidi de Gier.

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Sustainable hospice building in Chipata Zambia.

Design for a hospice for the palliation of terminally ill patient’s in Chipata, Zambia. Read more »

Detached house in Almere

7 houses on 7 adjacent plots designed by 7 architect. Elstudio has designed one of the seven detached houses in the Homeruskwartier in Almere. Read more »

Urban care homes with rural quality

City Farm is a concept for housing combined with care; living in groups in an urban environment with rural quality. Care is customized and shared with the group. Read more »

How to defines the shape of a farm?

2nd prize in the competition “‘Een boerderijenfamilie voor de Overdiepse Polder: eenheid in verscheidenheid” for the project “Wat maakt een boerderij?”
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Sustainable houseboat add-on

Honorable Mention in the competition “Duurzaam Drijvend Wonen” for E-Vlot; a concept for autarkic units which aim to increase self-sustainability of houseboats. Read more »

Floating sustainable urbanism

FINALIST in the 2nd Advanced Architecture Contest
WINNER in the World Architecture Community Awards 2009
Self.Urb focus on the possibility of building extensively over water, tackling the current issue of the raising sea level, in an environmental manner. It creates a ‘floating city’. Read more »

Green masterplan for Cairo

“Ramses Park” is a masterplan for a sustainable redevelopment of the Ramses square area in Cairo. A sustainable city needs green. Located at the base of the Nile delta, Cairo has good soil for building parks. Read more »

Digitally prefabricated pavilion

The paVilion is a proposal for the Art Fund Pavilion Competition. The paVilion is constructed with the FACIT Building System, ‘a new digital method for fabrication using computer controlled machines’. Read more »

Self sufficient sustainable kiosks

Honorable mention
Date: 2008/6/9
Subject: Design idea competition kiosks Pastoor Joorenplein
To: BNA Kring West Brabant
Cc: “JCDecaux” Read more »

Parametric facade design

ELstudio designs the parametric computer generated  facade for a building complex in Herning, one of the fastest growing cities in Denmark. Read more »

Sustainable research station on the Seychelles

The Aldabra Research Station is a scientific unit devoted to the study of the uniqueness of the ecological and biological conditions of Aldabra.
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Mobile exhibition pavilion Mobex

The Mobex is a mobile exhibition pavilion touring different locations in the Volgerlanden, a new housing development under-construction in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht ( Vinex location). Read more »

Out-desk…working in nature

Buitenbureau (out-desk) was designed for the exhibition ‘Protopark II: NUT’ in the Siegerpark Amsterdam. Read more »

Local food production: “jus de rotonde”

Useful art at the roundabouts in Overbetuwe.
We propose to transform all roundabouts in town into little apple orchards.Apples from these trees will be used to make local “jus de rotonde” a new drink from local pressing. Read more »

Consumption Required !

‘Consumption Obligatory!’ is an art project which exposes the boundaries imposed by the rules that control behavior in public space, stretching them till the limits of the reasonable. Read more »

Floating exhibition pavilions

Honorable mention in the competition ‘Casa Casla’ Almere
2×4=24 is a design project for two floating exhibition pavilions in Almere. One of the pavilions is meant to be used as an architecture exhibition space, the other as an archaeological exhibition space. Read more »