“Ramses Park” is a master plan for a sustainable redevelopment of the Ramses Square area in Cairo. A sustainable city needs green. Located at the base of the Nile Delta, Cairo has good soil for building parks.

Important buildings around the current Ramses Square keep their position in or around Ramses Park. This includes the railway station, the Everest Hotel, the Lymoun tram station, the railway engineering building, and the Al Fateh mosque.

A part of the fly-over remains in place and takes on a new function. Centrally located in the park next to the existing road, we will build a 70-meter-high panorama tower. The ensemble of buildings and functions has a harmonious look and feel.
The development of Ramses Park is the stepping stone for the development of the surrounding area. On the West side of the park, the business district expands with the new Ramses Roundabout building as a starting point. On the other side of the park, it focuses on combined functions and apartment areas.

From the panorama tower tourists and locals get a stunning view over the city, with ancient, historical, and modern architecture surrounding the park. In the background, they see the pyramids. An everlasting impression.

Imagine the new green Ramses Park with its modern railway station, the electrical Metrobus lines, the elevated Bridge road, and the panorama tower from where the Pyramids are visible.

A project BY MAISSA ARCHITECTURES Sarl, Libreville, Gabon, and BLOK KATS VAN VEEN ARCHITECTS, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In co-operation with:

Jean Pierre, lead designer, Robert van Kats, lead designer and coordination, Dieter Blok, Sander van Veen, Sara van Holstein, Erno Langenberg

Remco Rolvink

Bart Winkel, Senior traffic engineer, Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers
Jack Backx, Junior traffic engineer, Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers

Sonja Spruit

Ayatollah Musa

Jaques Abelman, Rui Seguchi, Tatjana Trzin, Abram de Boer

Alexander Valeton, director, Michael Krass, voiceover, Lucas van Woerkum, editor, Arnoud Traa, sound design, Ujang Sastramidjaja, sound design