Sustainable research station on the Seychelles

The Aldabra Research Station is a scientific unit devoted to the study of the uniqueness of the ecological and biological conditions of Aldabra.
Aldabra is a small atoll, part of the Seychelles archipelago, listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This secluded place is also known for its world’s largest population of giant tortoises.

The existing research facilities are in need of renovation and expansion, to follow scientific and technological development. ELstudio created an impression of what the future Aldabra Research Station could stand for. The building is shaped to incorporate the most up to date technological needs of the local scientific community, and at the same time blends into the landscape, minimizing its impact on the local environment.
The design is based on a simple cylinder, constructed out of solar shades, providing shadow and generating energy. The whole can be shaped and transformed according to the needs of the station’s program. The methodology used is inspired by the theory of transformation by British biologist D’Arcy Thompson.

The design of the station is based on the theory of transformations by British biologist D’Arcy Thompson.

Overview of the station.

More information on Aldabra:
Aldabra foundation

Location: Aldabra, Seychelles
Client: Studio Anthon Beeke, Aldabra Foundation

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